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If players end up wasting gas or time on an open mic destination that has closed or changed, I would be blamed.
Sorry, but that's the way it has to be from now on. - TC
BASIC Listing (FREE)
Are your open mic players able to help advertise your business? Would they know your phone number by heart?  A Basic listing will enable your players to pass on accurate contact info about you without having to memorize it. Empower them! Don't let your open mic be the next Brigadoon, here today and gone tomorrow. Claim your listing!
To claim your free listing for a year, copy and email the below info in text form to tc@tcsmythe.com. or to my message box on facebook.
UPGRADED Listing ($12.00/year)
This type of listing makes it too easy for players to find and be excited about your event. Make it easier than google to find your website, facebook page, and your host. Your upgraded listing will convey a detailed desription of your playing environment. No googling = no confusion. In order to work well, we require ALL of the following information. ANYONE CAN PURCHASE AN UPGRADED LISTING. It only amounts to $1 a month fer Chrissakes and I do all the work! I'll even remind you when to re-up your listing.
Copy and email the below info in text form to tc@tcsmythe.com. or to my message box on facebook.  Feel free to attach videos, pictures of your venue, host and owners!
  1. Venue Name:
  2. Venue Phone Number:
  3. Day of your open mic:
  4. Host's Name:
  5. Start time:
  6. End time:
  7. Your email for relisting reminder:
In order to include your address, map link, facebook link, email address, website, rules, signup time, pictures, youtube videos and a writeup, you must purchase the upgraded listing to the right.
  1. Venue Name:  
  2. Address: ____________ (you supply address and I will make the link)
  3. Venue Ph#:  
  4. Venue Website:
  5. Host's name:
  6. Venue or Host's Facebook Page URL: (http://www.facebook.com/???????)
  7. Video URL of your favorite performance there: (http://www.youtube.com/??????)
  8. How often do they have open mic? weekly / bi-weekly / monthly
  9. Open Mic Day: Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat   
  10. Club opens at <time>Signup time
  11. Open mic signup begins at <time>
  12. Open Mic music begins at <time>
  13. Open Mic ends are <time>
  14. Club closes at <time>
  15. Attach or link a picture(s) of the exterior of your venue, host and owners, if possible. We ask for exterior pictures so that new players will regocnize it from the street.
For the talking points:
  1. How long have they been in business altogether?
  2. How long have they operated an open mic?
  3. Serve food?:   yes / no
  4. Has the venue ever hired a band after they heard them at the open mic? yes / no
  5. Is the venue considered a quiet listening room or is it more of a sports bar?
  6. Do they allow sign-ups over the phone? yes / no
  7. When should players call to sign up?
  8. Do they provide: drums / Guitar amp / keyboard / extra guitar
  9. Is there anything else you'd like to say?
  10. Do you tolerate comedy / rap / poetry / pre-recorded (karaoke) tracks?
  11. Your email for relisting reminder: